Architectural Review Committee

The developer of the Sauk Creek Neighborhood established Covenants, Restrictions and Conditions which stipulate that some home and yard projects need to be reviewed by an Architectural Control Committee. The purpose of the committee is to maintain the high quality and consistency of the aesthetics and design of the homes in the neighborhood.

Renovations to the exterior of a home, fences, pools, outbuildings, patios, decks and tree removal are some of the projects that require review by the committee. The details of the Covenants, Restrictions and Conditions are available here.

Please contact one of the people listed below based on your street if you plan to make changes to the exterior of your home. See map of neighborhood here.

Original Plat of Sauk Creek

All homes on Canvasback Circle, Farmington Way, Pintail Circle and Whitacre Road.

John Holbrook

Kenneth Rouiller



First Addition

All homes on Brule Circle, Brule Street, Copper Circle, Geneva Circle, High Point Road, Plover Circle, Sauk Creek Circle, Sauk Creek Drive, St. Lawrence Circle, and Wolf Street.

Scott Diaczun

Michael Heifetz

Chris Jillings





Second Addition

All homes on Gray Fox Circle, Gray Fox Trail and Red Fox Trail.

Ester Lowery