Estates of Sauk Creek

The Sauk Creek Neighborhood is divided into three plats - Original Plat, First Addition and Second Addition (see Neighborhood Map with Plats PDF document). The Second Addition is also referred to as the Estates of Sauk Creek. The second addition includes all homes on Gray Fox Trail, Gray Fox Circle and Red Fox Trail.

Homes in the Estates/Second Addition are required to pay Annual Homeowners Association Dues. The amount is approximately $380 per year (subject to change) and is due in January. The dues pay for expenses that are specific to the sub-division. This includes landscaping along the front wall on High Point Road and the island on Gray Fox Trail, snow removal on the front sidewalk along High Point Road, irrigation and water bills, insurance, electricity for lights, and other maintenance fees.

The dues for the Estates/Second Addition to Sauk Creek Homeowners' Association are separate from the Sauk Creek Neighborhood Association Dues ($20 per year). The former is required for homeowners in the Second Addition; the latter is voluntary. See the the bylaws of the Second Addition to Sauk Creek Homeowners' Association here (revised Jan. 2016).

If you wish to make renovations to the exterior of your home including fences, pools, outbuildings, patios, decks and tree removal, please read the Covenants and Restrictions for the Second Addition (revised Jan. 2016). Please contact a member of the Architectural Review Committee with any questions.

If you have additional questions about the Estates of Sauk Creek, please contact one of the board members listed below.

Board Members/Contacts

Ben Braun

Brian Stotlar

Architectural Review Committee
Ester Lowery

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