Mailbox Guidelines

Many subdivisions of homes built by a particular builder make use of covenants in order to create unity and curb appeal. Neighborhoods that follow their covenants and standards tend to be safer, look better, and retain or increase property values.

All homes in the Sauk Creek Neighgorhood are required to have a uniform mailbox. Per the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions and Conditions set forth by the Developer, "Only mail boxes (and support columns) approved by the Developer or the Architectural Control Committee shall be used in the development."

The mailbox chosen by the Developer is the Bacova Post Mount Mailbox by Bacova Gardens/Bluegrass Woods, size Medium (11"H x 8"W x 22"D). The design required varies by Plat. The three neighborhood Plats are Original Plat, First Addition and Second Addition (see Neighborhood Map with Plats PDF document).

For homes in the Original Plat (Canvasback Circle, Farmington Way, Pintail Circle and Whitacre Road) the required design is Mallard - #10011.

Pheasants 10002

For homes in the First Addition (Brule Street, Brule Circle, Copper Circle, Geneva Circle, High Point Road, Plover Circle, Sauk Creek Drive, Sauk Creek Circle, St. Lawrence Circle, Wolf Street) the required design is Pheasant - #10002.

Pheasants 10002

For homes in the Second Addition (Gray Fox Trail, Gray Fox Circle, and Red Fox Trail), the required design is Fox Family - #10022.


Mailboxes cost about $125, including shipping, and may be purchased locally or online.

The local retailer is Wild Birds Unlimited, 8402 Old Sauk Road, 608-664-1414. Ask for the 20% discount offered to Sauk Creek Neighborhood residents.

Some online retailers include,,, and

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